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Insider’s Guide to Top European MBA Programs

September 20, 2021 :: Admissionado Team

The history of the first MBA program dates 1908 and takes us to Harvard University. With only a few classes of 33 students in each , this was the beginning of a breadth of similar programs. It was not a program for everybody, four years of completed university studies were the requirement for the business program. After the success of this MBA plan MIT opened a similar course. The University of Western Ontario in Canada was the first to offer an MBA program outside the USA.

Nowadays the popularity of MBA programs is rising expeditiously. Hundreds of MBA programs are offered all over the world. European universities have achieved the title of the most popular MBA program holders.

Resources on Europe’s best MBA programmes

The first MBA programs may have started in the U.S., but don’t count out top European MBA programs. 

While elite American MBA programs may still lead in terms of recognition and reputation, when it comes to return on investment, top European MBA programs are a solid option.

Not only are admissions less competitive (in some ways), they are 1-year programs with stellar job placement. In fact, European b-schools have the 7 highest 5-year MBA gains in the world led by IMD and INSEAD.

There are a lot of reasons to apply for top European MBA program, especially this late in the application season. To help you with the research, check out some of our resources on top European MBA programs.

Here are some reasons why applying for a European MBA program can have benefits.

  • One Year Only The plan lasts a year and offers a deep and detailed study of the area. It is a sort of broad to the specific acquisition process. Outside Europe, these programs last longer. 
  • Affordable Fees – MBA programs in European universities are cheaper than their “fellow” programs in the USA. Let’s compare 2 of them. MBA cost at Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) is 35,500 EUR/year. This is the highest price in Switzerland. Meanwhile, in the USA fees start from 35,000 reaching 65,000$ at Harvard University.
  • Wide Choice – You have a wide choice of programs and universities to study your MBA program. MBA programs from the top MBA schools in Europe will be available to you. Many universities have been ranked as the top MBA programs by various sources. The University of Cambridge, for example, has been consistently rated among top ten world business school rankings and is considered one of the leading institutions worldwide to study management education.
  • Unique MBA ProgramsEurope offers the opportunity in studying and specializing in unique business programs. France gives the option of studying business management connected to fashion, luxury brands and more. Switzerland offers programs connected to governmental issues. 

There are more points to consider studying in Europe, such as fewer students in one class or the opportunity of creating a big network. Check some top MBA programs in Europe and their peculiarities. If you are in doubt about where to get your MBA, the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, IESE in Spain or HEC in France offer competitive and unique programs to those offered by the US colleges.

Top MBA Programs in Europe

IMD Business School

The International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland offers one of the most popular and unique MBA programs in Europe. MBA programs in Europe are distinguished by lower rates than similar programs and courses in the USA. Small classes are credos for individualised treatment. The use of the latest management foundations, analysis and critical approaches make this program attractive. This program offers improvement and advancement of leadership skills, wide use of digital resources, creative business mindset and readiness for any kind of unforeseen challenges and situations. This program adapts the students to be competitive in the globalised business world.

IESE Business School

IESE’s grads are a mighty diverse bunch. They come, like in many European programs, from….well… EVERYWHERE. Case in point: more than 80% of the class of 280 students came from places OUTSIDE of Spain. And given its connection with Latin America, a far larger portion (between 10-15% in recent years) of the student body come from that part of the world.


INSEAD’s grads are especially strong in International Consulting, and there is a lot of room for folks in finance and manufacturing as well. There are possibilities of MBA tuition tax deduction and wide network creation. High employability and connection with professionals and experts of the area are credos of the success of European MBA programs. It is considered one of the best MBA programs in Europe. The school also boasts a fantastic placement rate, and recruiters from top firms like McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, Booz & Company amongst others all seek out those INSEAD grads.

London Business School

London Business School offers an MBA program that is guided to professional skill development and future career management. This program offers pre- term online classes to get ready for the main course. The first two terms are compulsory with all the subjects included in them. In the last term, students choose out of nearly 12 specific areas to earn enough credits to graduate. From July to August students have two options: internships or entrepreneurship summer school. The second-year is adjusted by the student. The language program is another unique point of the course.

Cambridge Judge

Cambridge University is ranked first among UK MBA program holding universities. It offers detailed knowledge on the area, capacity to analyse the global market and develop leadership skills. Interpersonal relationships and connection creating qualities are other specifications of the program. The issue with this MBA program can be requirements to fulfil to apply to it. The applicants must have two years of work experience in the sector, a bachelor’s degree with 2.1 on the UK assessment scale, perfect English skills and a creative attitude.

HEC Paris

Besides being France’s premier business school, HEC also runs France’s second most famous MBA program, in the heart of the heart of the most beautiful city in the world. Extremely well connected, with a very strong general management program, one of the things that makes HEC really unique is the variety of industries it caters to, and the variety of industries students come from and go to. Of course, the twin traditionals of Finance and Consulting are very well represented, but HEC is also a launching pad for careers in biomed; airline; oil and gas; and, of course, luxury (this is one of HEC’s specialties, which is not surprising considering its location).

To wrap up, MBA programs are credos of employability, high salaries and competitiveness. Once done with your degree MBA programs are good options for specific business-centred knowledge acquisition. MBA admissions consulting companies have a wide list of possible candidates. European Universities offer high level, short and affordable MBA programs that prepare demanded specialists to conquer the challenging world of business. If you are passionate, open-minded and hardworking you are likely to succeed by taking MBA programs to complete your studies.