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Best MBA Programs in the U.S.:Top Ranked Business School

October 02, 2021 :: Admissionado

Are you ready to start a new voyage and acquire new professional skills? Once you have made up your mind and decided you are ready to take an MBA program you are likely to be in a dilemma. There are hundreds of universities offering these programs, however, which one has a higher level, how much is the employment rate after finishing the studies. Every year, US News publishes infographics of the best MBA programs in the US. These rankings are helpful to have an overall idea about the top US MBA programs. 

If you are sure about beginning your studies it’s time to think about when to apply, where to apply, and what do you need to apply? Scroll down to see the top 10 best MBA programs in the US.

Reshuffle in the top 10

This year US MBA rankings differ from other years. There has been a noticeable decrease in popularity in some prestigious universities. MBA admissions consulting can be a good guide in this process. Nevertheless, most of them are constant and compete by offering high-quality programs and courses. It is not only about choosing the best, you should make sure you can afford this degree. Have a look at the US best MBA programs and make the decision where to get your MBA.

Do MBA Program Rankings Matter?

While the rankings themselves can provide an interesting insight into the jostling among MBA programs for top spots, any good MBA admissions consultant can tell you that the rankings aren’t everything. We suspect you can make a pretty good guess at who’s in the top 10, and there isn’t a program among them that doesn’t offer an excellent education. More important, though, is getting to know what each program is looking for. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the rankings of the most life-changing MBA programs, as well as why they have earned the distinction of being among the best business schools in the U.S.

Best MBA Programs in the USA

Best MBA Programs in the USA

1.Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business

Number 1 in Business School Program Rankings, Stanford University offers one of the world’s most popular MBA programs. Both US residents and international students must apply before April 6. There are some key points you should know before applying to Stanford.

The program is based on collaboration between the students. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley and specific classes on entrepreneurship make this university program unique and promising.

In 2018 Stanford was in the 4th position. Vaulting over the best Universities Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business has improved its position from fourth to first. 

Is it hard to enter the Stanford MBA program? 

The entrance rate is about 7 per cent. The meticulous review of the applicants means that only the best access the program and the best does not mean having high grades. If you fulfil the full-time program you have all the possibilities to be among the 63% that enter the job market with very big future prospects. The tuition of a Stanford GSB degree is of 74,706$ per year. However, most GSB students receive fellowship funds which are approximately half of the fee. If you are a freelancer you can opt for the MBA tuition tax deduction options available for the self independent contractor.

2. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business

The Wharton School hosts the largest alumni network in the United States and was the first business school founded here. One of the top US MBA programs is hosted here. Key points of the MBA program offered by Pennsylvania University are

  • It’s focus on the psychological part of the student. Here you are not only taught business-oriented skills, but also how to deal with stress and anxiety, how to manage and organise your team outside the university environment. 
  • More than 25 research centres are offered to the students to get practical knowledge. 
  • The University offers its campus to the students and more than 150 can be associated with the research programs.
  • Big network with nearly 100,000 graduated students, which offers the opportunity to create professional links.   

The University of Pennsylvania is the second in the US MBA rankings. Deadlines for the application are September 17th.

3. University of Chicago

Tied for third with Kellogg, Booth advertises its program as bold and analytically-focused and that pretty much gets to the heart of who they are. Chicago Booth admissions are unique and very focused on the main program. If Booth is on your list, then you better be up to speed on “the Chicago Approach,” the educational philosophy at the center of Booth’s MBA program.

Beyond equipping you with a powerful and widely applicable framework for problem-solving through the Chicago Approach, Booth offers a level of flexibility that exceeds what you will find at most programs. They are also known for their economics (home of the famous Chicago School) and finance programs, as well as for being an excellent school for aspiring consultants!

4. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

Ranked in the top 10 for decades now, Kellogg’s top-tier program has a unique twist. Specifically, if you expect to sit in lectures, listen, and absorb knowledge for the next two years, then Kellogg is not for you. Kellogg is all about student involvement.

With exceptional programs in entrepreneurship and marketing, Kellogg demands that its students be involved in their education, taking the lead through programs like the Kellogg Board Fellows and Venture Labs. If you are all about getting your hands dirty and collaborating with your peers to get the job done, then Kellogg might be a great fit for you.

5. Harvard Business School

Better known simply as HBS, it is surprising to find what is probably the most famous business school in the U.S. this far down the list. However, while this year didn’t go perfectly for the HBS adcom, HBS grads, students and prospective students have no reason to doubt it’s a long-established stellar reputation. The smart money says HBS gets back up the list next year, latest. 

Harvard Business School offers the famous 2+2 program for the students who are in college or are taking full-time master classes. There are some musts to be able to apply for this program. You should have at least 2 years of work experience in the public, private, or nonprofit sector followed by two years in the HBS MBA Program. Harvard’s 2+2 program is aimed mostly for a gradual raise of professionality. People with creative and analytical thinking, extraordinary skills are looked for to continue working at the college. 

Known for inventing and rigorously implementing the highly effective “case method,” you won’t leave HBS without a well-rounded management skill set and some serious leadership skills. That’s leadership with a capital “L,” and it’s what HBS is all about. Oh, and the global and influential HBS network is nothing to sniff at either.

6. MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT is about more than just engineering, as evidenced by their top five spot. Sloan offers an almost European-style international experience, a concentrated core curriculum that you knock out in one semester, a small cohort you can expect to get tight with, and access to the world-renowned MIT scientific community.

The program also boasts an exceptionally high proportion of career changers—folks come to Sloan to strike out on an exciting new career path, and Sloan’s entrepreneurial focus and strong finance program help them do that.

7. Columbia Business School

The 7th position in the top MBA programs in the US is offered by the Columbia Business School. An undeniable benefit of CBS is its New York location and connections.

With deep roots in NYC-centric industries including real estate, retail, finance, entertainment, fashion and more, CBS is a great gateway to a career in the city or more widely in the Northeast. If, to paraphrase Jay-Z, the concrete jungle is where your dreams are, then CBS is where you should start.The program is more than its location and connections, of course. CBS excels in finance education, has an excellent entrepreneurship center, and will expose you to a diverse set of peers through learning clusters of 65-70 students.

8. UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Haas holds the distinction of having the smallest class size of any top 10 MBA program, so if you’re looking for intimacy and a community feel, look no further. Like Stanford they benefit from their proximity to Silicon Valley and have strong programs in both tech and entrepreneurship, as well as above average connections to the Asian business community. They also have an excellent real estate program. If you’re looking for a West Coast lifestyle, an intimate but top-notch program, and a good startup launch pad, Haas is your program.

9. Yale University Business School

If Yale SOM is about one thing, it’s social impact. Baked right into the application, Yale is looking for ambitious MBA students who want to change the world, not just the world of business. If you have an impact angle to your career goals, are looking to rise in the world of nonprofit management, or have a venture idea that just might save humanity (or maybe just a few bucks), then Yale would love to hear it.

With a relatively small class size compared to many MBA programs, you’ll get a tighter community, but with access to the heft of Yale University. The program also boasts an excellent finance education, and many graduates pursue traditional careers in consulting and finance. If Yale University is your choice, apply to Yale university by any of these 3 types of applications: the coalition, the common or the QuestBridge. Any of these applications is admitted. To move forward after this you should consider some additional requirements.

10. Dartmouth College (Tuck) Business School

Dartmouth College (Tuck) Business School offers a high level MBA program with immersion in finance and strategy. The program is organised in small classes, students work in small teams and most of them live in the campus sharing not only studies but also daily routine. Dartmouth University MBA program does not offer the option of a part time degree. The first year of the program is compulsory and only students with the consultant level can apply for it.

No Ph.D. programs are offered by Tuck. This university offers a loyal network and connections with more than 10 thousand successful students, graduates from Tuck.

Using Rankings

You can get a good education from all of these schools, but each also has its own distinct character. Let the rankings guide you toward a tier of school appropriate for your profile, but do your research into the programs you are interested in—learn about their unique strengths, what sets them apart, and what they offer their students and alumni. Seeking out an admissions consulting service can go a long way in helping you figure out where your perfect fit is, as well as making sure you put together a competitive application for a top-notch program.

All the Universities and MBA programs mentioned above offer a high-level education. However, it does not always depend on the institution but the learner. You should be aware of your preferences and outcome expectations because all these programs are somehow similar but very different and unique. Statistics can guide you in your choice but your preferences will guide you to your success.