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The typical engagement.

Discovery 1-2 weeks
Benchmarking Few Days
Resume 1-2 weeks
Essays Weeks-Months
LORs 1-3 weeks
Interview Prep 1-2 weeks

You have a blueprint of your future.

A plan to successfuly take you from point A to point B.

We bring
that blueprint

to life.

We do that by following our

proven method

First we spend time getting to know you on a deep level so that we can develop a customized path for success, optimized for you.

We use time-tested tools and handcrafted frameworks to help organize the abstract nature of holistic admissions into clearly-defined objectives.

Next we take a measured and sober approach to benchmarking, to ensure that we take smart, calculated risks.

Then we dive headfirst into the work, and iterate, leveraging expertise, experience, and a real-time sense of what the competitive field looks like.

We leverage as many resources as we can and depending on your chosen service level, to deliver the full weight of our firm and network.

We finish the service leaving you with your best possible application, as well as a toolkit for succeeding as you progress along your journey.

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