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The key to college admissions is conveying not what you are today, but what you might become in the future. This is the single most common trapping we see, a tendency from students to want to overemphasize their achievements to-date, without telegraphing what those achievements suggest about their future potential. Extracting and packaging this key message consistently and effectively in a college application is precisely where we zoom ahead of the competition.

Why? Because we get the most talented admissions consultants in the world. We only invite admissions experts who have successfully earned admissions to the world’s most competitive schools. But that’s only where the winnowing begins. We look for individuals who meet an impossibly rare combination of traits: elite admissions experience + keen diagnostic skills + raw teaching and coaching talent.

Fewer than 6% of experts we talk to make it to the final stages to earn an invitation to join our team of experts.

It’s easier to get into Harvard!

We understand admissions committees and we know how to help you showcase most compelling admissions case to these gatekeepers. But –– and here’s the kicker –– our process challenges you to look inward and think hard, grapple with tough concepts, and ultimately be the author of your own story, channeling your distinct voice.

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The Varsity Blues scandal and the famous affirmative action case against Harvard sent shockwaves to millions of people. Not us. The truths that came out (about quotas, legacy students, donors, how demographics play out, etc.) are things we have been talking about for a decade. It’s not that we were ahead of the curve, we’ve just been paying attention to the correct signs, asking the right questions from Day 1. That’s why we are as successful as we are.


We come to the table knowing precisely what traits a candidate needs to have in order to be desirable by admissions committees at the top schools. With over 35,000 applications under our belt, we know the competition and the students who are out there making extraordinarily compelling cases. Given that perspective, we have a unique sense of what makes you special, and therefore what your best foot forward needs to be. The first thing we do is figure out what your most salient strengths are, what your biggest weaknesses are, and then how to align your unique case with what admissions committees are in the hunt for. (That’s the real trick!)


Adcoms won’t remember stats. But they will remember stories. And narratives. And personalities. The trick to developing a memorable application is delivering it with concision, clarity, and style, such that it knocks your readers off balance, and creates an impression. Impressions linger. Memorability can be your greatest ally when it comes down to incredibly miniscule margins between you and the next compelling candidate. Yes, this is an art form, but no, it’s not unlearnable. We have mastered this art form over the years, and know precisely how to find and deliver the most compelling narratives.


Most experts at admissions consulting companies never talk to a single other colleague. We open those channels up. Why? Because it makes everyone better.

Our admissions experts, thirsty to get better and smarter, poke each other for insights and information regularly. Moreover, when you work with Admissionado, you become a part of a vast network that combines the networks of alumni from Harvard, Stanford, and Brown, etc. along with bulge bracket banks, and MBB consultancies, top CPG firms… this may be one of the coolest and least appreciated perks of working with Admissionado. Our interconnected-ness allows you to tap into this peerless network of successful individuals.

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Imagine the neurosurgeon in charge of a critical operation also needed to concern herself with making sure the light bulbs in the operating room were functional. And that there were enough soap near the sink. And that there were enough------ let’s stop there. The ONLY problems the surgeon should focus on are those things that require her specialized set of skills. We pave the way for your college admissions experts to remain utterly focused on the strategy setting for your application. The big picture. Admissionado consultants love this approach. (Because it’s so effective.) The only people who might like it more are our clients.


We have sourced the world’s most talented group of essay analysts, providers of actionable analysis and feedback. Our essay specialists work hand-in-hand with the lead college counselor, following their strategic guidance, to help shape the essay-writing process from beginning to end. This approach allows our essay experts to be exacting at the line- and word-level, ensuring that the logic is airtight, and that the prose sparkles with clarity, persuasiveness, and most importantly, personality. Doing this in a way that allows you, the author, to maintain your own distinct voice, requires a next-level mastery of the feedback process.


We have a lean but fiercely devoted staff at HQ, dedicated to taking care of all the logistical challenges so that our admissions consultants and essay specialists are able to focus exclusively on their craft. Our HQ staff are the guys and gals doing the unsexy administrative stuff, sorting through all the time-consuming coordination which enables our admissions consulting to happen in its purest, smoothest, most efficient form.

Believe it or not, our real value isn’t just in helping you achieve admission to your dream schools. Surprisingly, clients often tell us that our true value lies in helping them to become sharper thinkers and communicators. This is a skill that will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Throughout the process, our admissions consultants and essay specialists will pepper you with questions that may be tough to answer. We will poke, and prod, and ask for more detail, greater clarity, and stronger justifications, and sharper logic. We do this relentlessly, until your ability to express your ideas effectively starts to manifest automatically.

This training develops your muscle memory in the areas of "logical thinking" and "articulation of that logical thinking." This is a muscle that will stay with you and pay dividends long after you get that acceptance letter, and in fact, might arguably be more important than getting that letter itself, with respect to having real impact on your future ability to succeed in your career. (Sounds weird. But is true. And may be the thing we are proudest of.)


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