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The Insider’s Guide to London Business School

January 22, 2020 :: Admissionado Team

We heard you loud and clear, folks. The countless emails, Facebook messages and Tweets have not fallen on deaf ears. When it comes to our Insider’s Guide to European MBA programs, you want more. And who are we to say no? Let’s give the people what they want!

So here we go. London Business School. One of the Top 3 programs in Europe, and the number one program in our Anglo ally across the pond, ‘good Ole Engie’.

The What

LBS (or, as they are more officially known, London Business School) is the top ranked European MBA program, and one of the only whose prestige really matches that of Top US schools. Is it that good? Yes, it’s that good. It’s also a Finance and Consulting powerhouse, with more than half the graduating class going into these two business mainstays. It has one of the best brands in the UK for any industry, but it is especially known for its finance connections. [Case in point, the largest club on campus is the Private Equity club.]

LBS, like many European schools, has far older students than its US counterparts; the average age is 29. But unlike its US counterparts, LBS offers flexibility when it comes to the length of the program. Although LBS is structured like a traditional 2-year MBA program, depending on your personal and professional needs (for example, a family business candidate who doesn’t need that extra time for the internship), the program can be completed in 15, 18, or 21 months. Awesome, eh?

The Who

LBS grads come from all over the world, with only 11% of the class coming from the UK. Hellloooo diversity! And while the majority of students come from either finance or consulting (a theme that will return in this guide!), the school’s prestige attracts students come from a variety of different industries. More diversity!

LBS is very well connected with Asia (20% – 25% of the class comes from Asia), so it is a good option for those who are looking to bridge the Asia-Europe divide, who either have experience in Asia, or also who want to go work in Asia after graduation. Yet, as international as the school is, nearly half of the student body DOES elect to remain in the UK, so it’s also an ideal program if your dream is to settle in a job in the UK.

Finally, in addition to being a bit older, LBS students are a bit more experienced, speak more languages, and have more international experience than the average student in any top US b-school.

The How

Besides the necessity of having great GMAT + fantastic GPA at a great school + strong work experience, LBS wants you to:

a)    Be global (last year’s grads found jobs in over 40 different countries!)

b)   Be nice (we mean a team player)

Having a REAL global experience is massively helpful and if this experience includes some real leadership, it’s even better. LBS also puts a lot of weight on teamwork and participation. So when you’re writing that application, make sure you also put some weight on your plans to be a part of the school’s community – the clubs you will join, the ideas you have, the culture you’re excited to join and shape.

LBS also seems to have a soft spot for entrepreneurs, so if that’s the sort of experience you have, don’t forget to emphasize it in your application.

Also, given that London is the European capital of capital, it helps if your goals somehow fit into this fabulous and unrivaled city. And get specific. London is one of the three cities (along with New York and Paris) where you can get a world-class MBA while living, working, learning, interning, and, yes, even partying in a true global metropolis. So play it up and make it yours!

Bottom Line

LBS is currently the top-ranked school in Europe, and its prestige, offerings both inside and outside of the classroom, and job placement can rival that of Top 10 US program. It’s an obvious choice for those who wish to work in Consulting and Finance (all the big names hire from LBS: McKinsey, Bain, Boston, Booz, Amazon, Citi…), although there are fantastic opportunities in every industry.  And its location in one of the world’s most premier metropolises, offers not only amazing culture, but also a proximity to Europe (think low cost airfares – 20 Euros to Paris!), and the presence of prestigious multinationals…which will hopefully extend you fantastic offers with huge signing bonuses upon your graduation.