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LBS Boasts Highest Post-Grad Salaries

January 05, 2020 :: Admissionado Team

Still shortlisting schools? Looking for a few more programs to target for 2013? Well, you may want to consider London Business School. Why? Well, do you like to… make money?

According to a recent Financial Times article, despite the tough financial climate, LBS is experiencing a 124% increase in pre-MBA salary and a 92% rate of employment within three months of graduating. How ‘bout them stats, eh? That’s the kind of news that’ll get any smart aspiring MBA’s attention.

And now that we’ve done that, even more good news: with deadlines on February 28th and April 17th, you’ve still got time to apply.

So what do you have to do to stand out at LBS? Here are three tips:

  1. Personality matters…so stand out! While GMAT scores and grades are important, they are by no means the MOST important components of the application.  LBS pays at least as much attention to the types of candidates that they accept.  Be sure to highlight any aspects of your background that are unique or unusual, as well as extracurricular activities and personal endeavors.
  1. Demonstrate your international outlook.  Of the top five business schools, LBS leads with the most internationally diverse student body and faculty.  A point of pride for the university, LBS looks for internationally oriented students, so underline your work or study experience outside of your home country—or at the very least, demonstrate a strong interest in travel, international affairs, and such.
  1. Show commitment.  LBS is not a fallback, folks.  Often ranked as “the best business school in the world,” topping even Harvard and Stanford, LBS wants to see that it is also YOUR number one.  Emphasize your fit: located in the heart of the World’s (other) financial center, LBS is great if you are interested in finance or consulting; also, it is well-suited for those who thrive in a collaborative atmosphere; and for people who ultimately want to end up in Europe.  Demonstrate that you’ve thought through the decision to locate yourself in London—and to attend LBS.

Do those things right and you could be sitting pretty in London come fall… and in a big corner office come 2019.