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The Insider’s Guide to INSEAD

December 09, 2019 :: Admissionado Team

Over the next few weeks, in preparation for the big rush of European MBA program deadlines, we’ll be taking a look at some of Europe’s finest MBA programs, and sharing not only what makes ‘em awesome, but also what YOU need to do to get in.

And we’re kicking it off with the one, the only…. INSEAD.

The What

INSEAD is THE Global MBA program. It’s one of the few international schools with prestige that could rival the top US schools (watch out, HBS!). And when we say Global, we mean GLOBAL.

INSEAD has students from over 80 countries; it has two campuses (one in Asia and one in Europe); and with more than 90% of its students and faculty coming from abroad, it is THE place to go to prepare for your International business career.

And what’s even better is just how much mobility INSEAD grads have – more than 60% of grads end up moving to a new country. So if internationalism is your thing, then INSEAD is for you.

INSEAD also offers a lot of fantastic exchange programs to Wharton, Kellogg, CEIBS, to really drive home that international experience.

The Who

Given the one-year program and INSEAD’s consideration for the European school system, INSEAD students tend to be far older than students in US programs (29-30 is the average) making it a good choice for older candidates, and for those who might otherwise be thinking of EMBA programs.

INSEAD’s grads are especially strong in International Consulting, and there is a lot of room for folks in finance and manufacturing as well. The school also boasts a fantastic placement rate, and recruiters from top firms like McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, Booz & Company amongst others all seek out those INSEAD grads.

To top it all off, you get all of this in just one year of studying, saving you a whoooole lot of money not just on tuition and living expenses, but also for opportunity costs.

The How – Tips for Getting In

INSEAD’s two intakes (one, like everywhere else, in September; and one in January) provide even more flexibility for late or early comers, who know that INSEAD is for them.

So who and what exactly is INSEAD looking for?

First and foremost, INSEAD likes PEOPLE. OK, so that may sound strange (“Uh, what bschool DOESN’T like people?”) but it’s true. And it’s VERY good for all you applicants.

INSEAD tends to be more flexible with the stats and prestige in your background (as compared to a top US program), so lower GMAT scores or GPAs, being a bit older, not coming from exactly the perfect school, etc… it all matters less than WHO you are. (And, of course, what you have done). They want to see your passion, your humor, your general culture, your curiosity….

INSEAD also really likes folks who have PROVEN international experience, especially when that experience is managerial, and especially when it’s for a big multinational company. They also have a soft spot for people with decent sized family businesses, so if entrepreneurship is your path, you may find your home at INSEAD.

Bottom Line

INSEAD’s prestige, proven recruitment record, and fantastic ROI make it an amazing choice if you are set on having an international business career.