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Admissionado takes a closer look at some of the world’s top colleges.

We’ve compiled some helpful information on some of the top colleges and universities in the world. From acceptance rates to GPA, to campus demographics, there’s a treasure trove of amazing information to dig into.

You’ll find college admissions information, various academic and campus insights, and general fun facts about these amazing schools, their famous alumni, and popular programs, events, etc. to help with your college research.

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School Acceptance Rate Early Action Or Early Decision Early Acceptance Rate
Harvard University  6.2% SCEA 15%
Yale University  6.3%  SCEA  17%
University of Pennsylvania  9.4%  ED  23%
Princeton University  6.5%  SCEA 18%
Columbia University  6%   ED   n/a*
Brown University  9%  ED   22%
Dartmouth College  10.3%  ED  26%
Cornell University  14%  ED  27%
Stanford University  4.7%  REA  10%
Duke University  10.4%  ED 24%