Mark Lellouch

Mark is a business strategy consultant with a passion for nonprofit work, and the environment.

For the past 15 years, he’s used his consulting skills and management experience to advise nonprofits and environmentally-minded companies in the US, Brazil and Mexico with strategic planning, business evaluation and organization, market analysis, and outreach. After getting his MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1996, he headed south to Brazil to become the Marketing Director for SPVS, one of the Nature Conservancy’s most successful in-country partners. While Mark is our nonprofit specialist, he has spent his life honing his passion for and expertise in the consulting business. He is also an expert in languages (he grew up in Paris and speaks four languages fluently) as well as in computer science, which was his major at Brown University. Mark’s also a published photographer and an aspiring bossa nova guitarist. He currently lives in Taos, NM.

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