Cindy Montano

Cindy Young Montano is a branding expert with over 16 years of experience marketing everything from detergents and canned tomatoes, to specialty cheese and luxury spirits.

She attended The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where she double majored in Strategic Management and Marketing. Cindy also minored in English to satisfy her passion for Victorian literature and thousand page novels. Later she earned her MBA from Harvard Business School where she rounded out her business education. Procter & Gamble is where Cindy began her marketing career after college, and has since worked at numerous other top CPG companies from mass to luxury, including LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy). Cindy is well versed in working in different environments with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, having worked in various types of corporate structures (public, private, private-equity owned, cooperative) at American, British, French, and Danish companies.

When she’s not helping MBA applicants develop winning application strategies, she can be found either in her kitchen hugging the latest addition to her extensive appliances collection, or chasing sea turtles while scuba diving off the coast of a tropical island.

Cindy loves traveling and learning about different cultures and languages. She is fluent in English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and proficient in French. After dabbling in a few other languages, she is currently learning Danish.

Cindy is a native of Los Angeles who currently resides outside of NYC with her loving husband and goofy Siberian Husky.

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Why did you go for an MBA?

I went to business school for a different reason than most people. For most, it's the means to an end and most often it's to switch careers. For me, higher education has always been important and I just assumed that I would get a graduate degree. I fell in love with the HBS campus when I went there for a conference sophomore year in college. I knew then that HBS was my dream school. I didn't need an MBA to continue in my career, and frankly I gave up two years of promotions and raises to go to B-School. However, I got what I wanted, which was an amazing two year experience learning and building on my Wharton undergrad foundation, making incredible lifelong friends, went on amazing trips around the world, and most importantly, I had time to reflect on myself, my life and what I wanted to do with my future.

What do you like most about admissions consulting?

I love getting to know people and learning new things. Each and every client teaches me something new whether it's from their line of work or from their interests and hobbies. I loved my MBA experience and want to help others to have the same amazing opportunity. It gives me much joy and pride to know that I played a role in helping others achieve their B-School dream.