Kally Patz


Columbia University

Kally Patz began her reporting career in high school, when she learned that ice cream shops give you free scoops if you introduce yourself as a journalist doing “research” for an “article.” She went on to earn her B.A. in English from Columbia University, where she worked as an editor at the Columbia Daily Spectator and honed her Milton fan fiction.

She has since reported for New York Public Radio, covering subjects ranging from New York’s thriving horseradish industry to prom for librarians. After a stint as a crime reporter in Little Rock, she pitched her tent in Arkansas to report on various tales for a year. She now lives in New York, where she applies her investigative journalism skills to help applicants identify what makes their stories unique and compelling. She also works in film and theater, on the set of shows like Russian Doll.

In her free time, Kally enjoys reading stuffy old poets while sipping her tea. She has recently started a garden, and is especially proud of her peas.

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