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Exhaustive Iterative Essay Drafting

December 02, 2023 :: admisdev

Next to the strategic work we perform at the beginning of each service, the Essay Analysis / Iterative Drafting phase is the most transformative work we do together. Over the course of four rounds of analysis and feedback, we help Clients transform raw essays into crisp, persuasive, and authentic works ready for submission. This process requires mastery along two key dimensions: (1) Diagnosis – astutely ascertaining which aspects of the student’s essay are strong/weak, logical/illogical, viscerally moving/flat, etc., and (2) Actionable Feedback – making effective suggestions that inspire students to rewrite and rephrase their work in a manner that both improves their effectiveness, but also (crucially) preserves their authentic voice. Failure along either dimension can be critically damaging to the process. The experience and skill level of our Consultants and Essay Specialists here is peerless.