Writing the best admissions essays is an art form, but first
you need to know how to decode the essay prompt. Code-cracking is our jam.

The best admission essays for MBA or college applications begin with killer essay analysis. We dare you to try to learn something from anyone else's essay analysis. Most companies offer simplistic, surface-level insights that may make sense, but don't necessarily advance your ability to author more focused, richer essays. Admissions officers are looking for more than an essay that reads well.

Our aspiration is to dissect each question through the lens of "what is the
program really after here" and less obviously... "what are they not after?"

Typical essay breakdowns offer no meaningful clues about the significance of an insight from the perspective of the adcom, and little in the way of direction for executing on those bits and pieces of advice. That’s where we come in.


Subtle changes in wording from year to year often reveal a shift in what the school is looking for, or more typically, an adjustment to avoid getting what they’re not looking for. With years and years of MBA admissions consulting and MBA essay editing experience, we know never to be complacent when it comes to analyzing a school’s prompts in a given year. We’re able to deliver those insights because we’ve been generating the most popular MBA admissions essay analyses for over a decade.

By taking an almost philosophical approach to getting to the root-level wants and desires, we identify the critical insights can then serve as the anchor for an essay that goes straight to your most admissions-worthy traits. Our goal is to give you a more useful understanding of what the prompt for each MBA program is looking for, with practical next steps and a clear path forward.


Our philosophy with essay analysis is very much in sync with our admissions consulting and essay consulting philosophy: never provide an insight that fails to address the question “so what” and “how”? We find that most advice out there (even, and especially, among our competitors) falls short of this test.

We take the crucial step of visualizing the most effective way to organize your essay, given the word count restrictions. When combined with the more heady, thoughtful stuff – this can reveal precisely what the essay needs to flow, to help launch you toward that critically-important first draft which is often the hardest to get down on paper.