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Northwestern (Kellogg) Essay Analysis 2019-2020

June 24, 2019 :: Admissionado Team

We’re back on the essay analysis beat with Northwestern Kellogg’s 2019-20 prompts.

Kellogg’s video essay, once an experimental side project, is increasingly becoming the centerpiece of their application. Therefore, this year, we’ve included both specific insights on Kellogg’s process and general tips about video essay preparation and presentation.

There were also a few changes to Kellogg’s written essays, notably a new second prompt. The adcom has replaced their longtime standby “How have you grown in the past? How do you intend to grow at Kellogg?” with a values-focused prompt that resembles Stanford GSB’s classic “What matters most to you and why?” While we quite enjoyed the growth question, the new prompt is more challenging and therefore (from an admissions consultant’s perspective), possibly quite a bit more fun. Here are our takes:

Kellogg School of Management Essay Analyses!


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