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March Bootcamp Giveaway – A Few Days Left!

March 11, 2014 :: Admissionado Team

There are still a few days left to enter our March Bootcamp Giveaway!

The best thing you can do for your MBA Application is to start early and be prepared. That’s why Admissionado is offering FREE access to our March MBA Application Bootcamp. To enter our March Bootcamp Giveaway, we asked people to share their biggest failures that resulted from a lack of preparation. Here’s some of the most spectacular stories we’ve gotten so far!

1. When I missed the deadline for MIT undergrad application. This set my career back by many years.

2. When I was supposed to address the crowd and say something about a prominent personality who was the Guest Of Honour at our school. Not only did I stumble and mess it up, I even got the name wrong. Needless to say, I was extremely embarrassed and humiliated, all because I did not read the brief sent to me or bother to take a hard copy of the speech thinking my memory is my best bet.

3. I was heading on a much-needed vacation to Mexico. I was so excited; I started counting down 3 months in advance. I even had my bags packed 3 weeks before I was set to leave. I was PREPARED! Except for one thing… my passport. It wasn’t until 2 days before the trip that I realized it was expired. $1000 and a very early morning run to Fedex later, I learned a very expensive lesson about the importance of preparing early.

4. Breaking news: GMAC has just announced policy change – GMAT rescheduling fee of $50 applies only to first reschedule and then it would increase by $25 for each successive rescheduling. I am damn sure that I am responsible for this change in GMAC policy. Why ?? Because I have rescheduled my GMAT 6 times. Yes, you read it right – SIX! This is even after every consultant I talked told me I would be great fit to any top10 program, just get the GMAT done. Still I procrastinated… and now I’m paying for it. Literally.

5. When I interviewed with McKinsey during my undergrad recruitment. I didn’t realize the magnitude of the opportunity and procrastinated on Case Study and interview prep. As a result, I stumbled at the final hurdle in the partner round and was left ruing my lack of readiness.

Are you hiding stories like these? Share them with us! There’s still time to correct your procrastinating ways. Enter our March Bootcamp Giveaway and get all the information and preparation you need to get ahead of your MBA application. But don’t hesitate… contest ends March 15th!