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Last Call for Essay Editing Packages (12/28)!

December 24, 2018 :: Admissionado Team

Friday, December 28, 2018 – Last Call For Essay Editing Packages!

Those deadlines are right around the corner, but there IS still time to perfect your applications. Don’t risk it alone. Get expert eyes on the biggest element of your app – the essays – and put your best foot forward.

We’ve got packages for every plan and budget. Dig in below, or reach out for a free consultation and we’ll help you decide what works best for YOU.

Premium Essay Package (starts at $825). Now, some of you guys are either supremely confident about your stories and strategy (cocky! We dig it!), or you’re strapped for cash, or both. We don’t judge. We just help all y’all kick ass. This package is way cost effective, and way high on ROI. It’s all about the essays. Starts with a blind review by an elite MBA (in the background). Then, you work with your Essay Specialist on your essays the rest of the way. Same exact draft development process as Deluxe/Junior Deluxe, except you email directly with an Essay Maestro. Low cost, big bang.

4-EDIT, 3-EDIT, 2-EDIT… (starts at $295) What if you don’t even need an MBA review? What if you don’t need all four rounds of editing? What if you just need a few? Well, this is your opportunity to attack your editing needs on your terms, at your own price point. {Now, to get real for a second, there is no substitute for our 4-edit cycle–it’s designed that way for a reason. Three edits can come close, and save some money, but don’t confuse the two. Serious talk over.} Go nuts here, and even add MBA hours as needed.

Deep Edit ($170). What if all you need is someone to RIP APART your essays? Someone to help you tap untapped potential, call out fuzzy logic, sharpen almost-great arguments? That’s what this is. No back-and-forth with an editor: You submit the essays, we send them back RED. Simple.

Polish Edit ($85). Just like the Deep Edit, no interaction here. Sometimes you don’t need it. Sometimes you just need someone competent and experienced to take a look. We take what you’ve written and tightened the living hell out of it.

So that’s that. Fully customizable. Highly effective. Get them while you still can and ring in the New Year with banging applications (and admit letters!)

Reach out, let’s gab.


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