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Meet our MBA Consultants: Spencer Gilbert

November 28, 2014 :: Admissionado Team

Each week, we sit down and get to know one of our MBA Consultants.

Spencer-GilbertNot to brag, but we have an amazing team of people, and there’s more to them than just their top school pedigree or their devilish good looks. When you’re choosing an MBA consultant, you don’t just want someone in your industry or who went to your dream school. You need an MBA consultant who will be able to work with you, connect with you, and push you to be your best… and that’s not the same person for everyone. Some people need an empathetic touch; others need a drill sergeant. That’s why we think it’s so important for you to get to know our guys before you get to work.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Admissionado MBA Consultant Spencer Gilbert.

So Spencer, where are you living these days?
NYC and Raleigh

And your MBA is from…
Duke Fuqua

Why did you go for an MBA?
Ok… this was ALL about getting the respect of the foreign business partners. I needed a credential and I got one. It helped me to to see that OWNERSHIP, and NOT finance were the keys to the kingdom. Now I own and not just finance. This is a crazy important idea. Everyone MBA should come away thinking, “hmmm revenue in my pocket is better than begging for an advisory fee.”

What’s your all-time favorite memory from business school?
I’m at a loss for this one. I can’t pin down a single memory. I do remember with fondness the first week of business school where we played a silly game of “get to know” where we approached different classmates asking them to sign a “passport” that told us unique things about each person. I met a future business partner during that exercise and formed such great friendships.

What do you like most about being an MBA consultant?
Admissions consulting is ultimately about helping someone figure out who they are and where they’re going. Most of the time it feels like I am shaping the life of someone else, helping them see their worth and value, pushing them along to greater things. It’s inspiring to me when these kids let me into the intimate details of their lives, showing me the events that led to this moment. That’s why I like I doing this.

What’s the COOLEST place you’ve ever been?
Ok, I have been EVERYWHERE so this is a rough question but I would have to say, (just in terms of making me feel kinda Indiana Jones slash Andrew Carnegieish) would have to be Manaus Brazil, in the heart of the Amazon. I did some big deals there, swam in the Amazon. Manaus makes for the best stories.

What’s your most embarassing moment from school?
Awww… a photo of me sleeping during class, (strategically, with my hat cleverly placed over my eyes) went a little viral. Well I THOUGHT IT went viral but apparently there were… more than one incident like this, and a collage was made of my different sleeping positions. I also liked to doodle during class, and for a short period one of my doodles ended up for sale. Not my finest hour.

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