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Michelle: And So We Wait… And Go Crazy

October 21, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

Blogger Michelle

When Dee Leopold wrote “we’ll send more [interview invites] on October 16” did she mean that the number of invites HBS sent on the 16th would be greater than the number sent on the 9th? Or, was she using the term “more” just to mean “additional”?

Does interest shown by HBS reveal any clues regarding my candidature at other schools?

Does the fact that Kellogg has waived the video component for so many applicants imply that the video responses will not actually carry much weight?

Do last year’s GMAT Club comments have any relevance to what I can expect this year?

When my attractive neighbor smiles at me in the hallway, does that mean that he’s actually kind of into me?

Sorry, that last one was off topic. But since I submitted my final round 1 app, I’ve found myself searching for hidden meaning in everything that I see/read/hear. (Actually, that’s not completely true; I was reading way too much into everything even before I submitted my apps. See my post on self-doubt). Anyway, back to the original topic – I see/read/hear a lot, because I’ve been obsessively stalking Dee Leopold’s blog, the HBS Twitter feed, and GMAT Club. Every morning I check these bookmarked sites for updates. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So, as you can imagine, when I didn’t hear anything from HBS when the first wave of interview invites was sent on October 9th, my whole obsessive-stalking-and-reading-way-too-much-into-stuff thing really ramped up. But hey, it’s cool, I’m fully aware that I’ve gone a little bit crazy, and it will all be over when decisions come out in December, right?!

Well, after the world’s longest week, I finally heard from HBS in the second wave – I was “deferred for further consideration until Round 2.” Oh, FML, this wait just became 4 months longer! Yet and still, I’m actually happy about this news since it implies that they see something in me. A direct rejection would be worse. So for now, I’ll keep sipping that HBS kool-aid, keeping hope alive, and scouring the internet for any news from my target schools.

Only 120 more days to go…

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