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Stanford GSB Round 2 Application Resource Round-Up!

December 02, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

The Stanford GSB Round 2 App deadline is fast approaching, and to make your life easier (because, come on, we all know what the round 2 deadline crunch looks and feels like), we’ve decided to round up ALL our Stanford resources into one handy-dandy blog post for your convenience. Consider it an early Christmas present from all of us at Admissionado.

Stanford GSB School Guide

The Harvard of the West. Elite, yet Stanford (unlike HBS) also has a sensitive side. Stanford is known for being extremely selective, focusing on people and ideas. Arguably the top entrepreneurial program in the country, Stanford has legendary Silicon Valley connections…

2013-2014 Stanford GSB Essay Analysis

Sometimes, you just gotta stick with a formula that works. For Stanford, their formula appears to be working—swimmingly. Meaning, they’ve been asking more or less the same questions for years without much tinkering, and for now, anyway, they’re able to pick the cream of the crop based on the stuff they’re getting….

Axolotl: Come On, Stanford!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for our pal, Axolotl. Catch up on his full Stanford GSB application adventure riiiight here

I Got Into Stanford, And Here’s How

So, you want some directly-from-the-source advice from someone who will be sitting pretty at Stanford next year? Welp, here you go…

What Matters Most to You and Why

Stanford. The famous essay. This question is awesome. Because it really tees you up to flex several important muscles all at once…

The Tuesday Q&A: Reach or Safety Schools in Round 1 vs. Round 2

Sorry to have to break it to you pal, but there’s no hard and fast rule here. It all depends on which schools you’re targeting, what your timeline looks like, and how much time you’ve got to work on your apps. That being said, here are some rules we follow (loosely) around here at Admissionado…

2013-2014 MBA Application Deadlines

Deadlines are out and it’s time to start… managing your time. Get these dates down in your calendars, folks. Strong applications take time, so start early to prevent that “holy crap the deadline is in a week and I don’t even have my resume ready” stress….

From Our Consultants. To Get In, You’ve Gotta…

We thought we’d ask some people who know firsthand what it takes to get into b-school. We talked to our crackerjack MBA consultants and dug into their personal stories to find out what they considered that “one thing” that clinched their b-school wins…