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I Got Into Stanford, And Here’s How…

December 18, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

Stanford University | Admissionado

The folks around the office here at Admissionado LOVE a good success story. Hell, we live for it. And that is why we are HUGE fans of December. So much good news from R1 to go around – we just can’t get enough. And not just because we love a good celebratory champagne toast (which we do. I mean, who doesn’t?!).

Anyway, in the world of good success stories, this week was a doozy. With HBS and Stanford (among others!) releasing their invites, the air was buzzing. And after we put down the confetti cans, we sat down with a few of our successful friends to get their take on the admissions process, and advice they have for the other applicants out there.

So, you want some directly-from-the-source advice from someone who will be sitting pretty at Stanford next year? Welp, here you go:

1) So, maybe this seems obvious, but why do you think YOU got into Stanford?

I think it is most likely a combination of my different background and my different life goals. The class is very small, and they can’t afford to have two of the same kind of person in their program. My advice would be to spend some time trying to figure out what makes you unique, and then highlighting this as much as possible. It’s very unlikely that someone else will have a story similar to your own; everyone is different, you just have to find out what makes you different.

2) What was the most challenging part of the app for you?

For me, it was definitely the essays. While challenging, they were also the most exciting part of the application. It’s a great process to help you discover who you are and what you really want to do. The essays will force you to think about your life. Try to map out key moments in your life as well as why you made certain decisions, as it will save you a lot of time and editing!

3) Tell us about your interview. What do you think you did right?

Honestly, it’s tough to say what I did right. By browsing the net, you will see so many different interview experiences. My advice would be to prepare yourself for anything, and I mean anything. Have a few stories ready from key times in your life and be able to talk about these stories in a conversational manner. Highlight how much you want to go to the school as well as how the school is vital for your career. If you spent a lot of time on your essays, this should be the easy and fun part!

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