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June 03, 2014 :: Admissionado Team

It’s that time of year already. The beach sand is getting warmer, the ice in your Moscow Mule is starting to melt a little faster….

Before you bliss out for the summer, do yourself a biiig favor and start your MBA essays early. Like… NOW. Because before you know it, you’ll have a sunglasses tan on your face and it’ll be Labor Day weekend and you’ll be at a barbecue chowing down on some grilled corn on the cob when suddenly you’ll remember…

…oh yeah, B-school. I have those apps due in just a few weeks and…haven’t done a thing.

BBQ ruined, amiright? And that’s exactly the type of situation we want to avoid. (That and not achieving your career goals or getting your dream job or finding career fulfillment or getting into Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Tuck, insert your dream school here, etc.)

We here at Admissionado know better than anybody that it’s not easy writing MBA essays and that this process takes a lot more time and work than you’d ever expect, so to help you out this summer, we’re gonna serve up a cool, refreshing dose of inspiration…via tons of MBA Essay Tips and a FREE Copy of our newest book, 50 MBA Essays That Worked, Volume 2 (normally $25.) It’s just like the original – chock full of killer essays from some of our most successful applicants – only this time, instead of just showing you the essays that worked, we also have an MBA weighing in to explain WHY.

So go to the beach, but take us with you! (We mean take the book, not us. Though if you REALLY wanted to take us to the beach we probably wouldn’t say no. In fact, we’d most definitely ask you to rub some sunscreen on our back and muddle us a Mojito.)

To get your free copy of 50 Essays That Worked, Volume 2, click here.