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INSEAD’s Your First Hundred Days (YFCD)

September 13, 2010 :: Admissionado Team

It’s new and improved. The First hundred Days is not only for presidents, but also for MBA candidates.

Although the INSEAD program has one of the most awkward acronym’s we’ve seen in a long time (it reminds us of a three-legged dog with banana peels for legs), the program itself is smooth as silk, and seems like a wonderful idea that is truly part and parcel of INSEAD’s entrepreneurial outlook.

You are in the corner office on the 57th floor with the big shiny shoes and the Paul Smith suit, and hundreds of collaborators and employees just waiting for you to say the word. What will you do? Will you take the company to new heights by opening a new market in India’s ever growing middle class, or will your company’s investments get embroiled in the complex politics of the Middle East, leading to its decline?

The choice is yours and it all depends on how you and your teammates lead: YFCD is scripted like a reality TV show using a multitude of clever teaching methods that allow you to experience the issues typically faced immediately after buying a company.

The course is a sort of simulation course, but with a twist. Yes, you will have challenges to overcome, surprises to deal with, decisions to make. But in YFCD, there is also work on the human face of entrepreneurship. It’s more than just plugging in the numbers to get a result. The course will also test your reactions from a human point of view: How do you act? How do you feel? What does it mean to face a challenge? Just as important and oft-neglected side of business problem-solving and very unique to INSEAD.