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Start-ups? That’s soooo 1998!

September 15, 2010 :: Admissionado Team

With a name like BR Incubator (BRI) you’re not sure if it’s little baby hamsters that are being incubated or turtle eggs. But alas, what’s being cultivated at Johnson’s BR Incubator is cute furry business-ideas, usually small businesses with a plan – businesses that need better positioning and better pricing, to understand the best way to expand or to make an impact.

We love this idea of incubation, of helping along those business ideas in perhaps the most delicate moments in their lives, and this is what the Johnson’s student-run consulting agency is dedicated to.

The BR Incubator at Cornell is a great example of Johnson’s “performance learning,” which provides business consulting services to start-ups at Cornell and in the community. You can get real hands-on experience in consulting while giving back to the community.

In BRI you will work on projects ranging from market sizing to financial analysis to business plan development, and basically get experience in anything that you need to reach your goals. You choose! You have the possibility to help businesses from a vast range of industries – from education to biomedical devices to nursing services to nanotechnology – so you can tap into your passion, and do what interests you.

And of course, since Rome was neither built in a day nor by the emperor alone, it’s a great opportunity for you to network and collaborate with your Cornell colleagues from other schools. As a consultant, it will be your job to get them in on the game, to tap their knowledge and lay the foundation for future greatness!

BRI can also be a wonderful experience for those of you whose dream it is to one day run your own Consulting Company. You can become Student Director and lead 60 or your peers in dozens of consulting projects. Few other schools offer such a unique experience to fully manage a consulting experience.

Although at first you may be hesitant about dedicating your time to small community businesses, at the end of the story what most students love about this project is the IMPACT they can have. When working with small businesses, you and your team alone can change the entire future of the company. It’s a lot of responsibility, and a lot of pride to know that as a student, your findings and recommendations can change a small company’s entire strategy and its owners’ lives.