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Why an MBA is Right for Everyone

April 12, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

In a recent blog post for Business Week’s MBA Admissions Blog, ‘Getting In’, Rose Martinelli, former admissions director at Booth, posed a question we get a lot around here:

Do you need an MBA?

According to Martinelli, MBA programs aren’t right for everyone, and those considering a graduate program should choose one based on their “undergraduate education, prior work experience, and future career goals.”

So who, in Martinelli’s opinion, should pursue an MBA and who should opt for other, more focused grad degrees?

“If you do not have an undergraduate business degree, the MBA may be a good option because of its focus on the fundamentals of business and experiential opportunities, as well as the breadth of career support available… If you have an undergraduate business degree and want additional depth in a particular area, the subject-oriented masters degree may be ideal.”

Now, we hear what she’s saying, an MBA isn’t for everyone, but here at PE we feel strongly that those looking to further their careers, make themselves more marketable to employers and expand their professional networks will always benefit from going to business school. And that’s what we tell everyone who asks.


First, the prestige. In the business world, everyone knows and respects an MBA. If you’ve got one, you’re gonna look a whole lot better to those who will employ you and those whom you will employ.

And then there’s all that stuff you’re gonna, you know, learn in b-school. You’re not going to spend two years focused solely on one topic and one topic only. Instead, you’ll learn every aspect of business, from economics to operations. And because of that, you’ll be able to take that degree just about anywhere. You wanna work in the non-profit world? An MBA will help you. Wanna work in banking? An MBA will help you. Want to manage a string of chicken farms? Focus on education? Develop apps for the upcoming iPhone 5? Yup, an MBA will help you there, too.

Oh, and we can’t forget the networking. Just think of all the different people you’ll meet, and the different places they’ll all end up. And think about how that can and will help you in your own career.

So, yeah, maybe some people out there who don’t need an MBA, and it’s always a good idea to do the research and figure out what’s right for you. But take it from us — an MBA can be right for anyone.