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Preparing for the Infamous Case Method

April 02, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

I know, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here, right? I mean, many of you are still wading through the admissions process, thinking of nothing but what matters most to you and why, or practicing your interview skills in front of the bathroom mirror. And those of you who have already been admitted (congrats!) are busy enjoying the moment… as you well should.

So…who has time to start thinking or preparing for actual b-school classes? And, more importantly, who wants to? Those case studies are safely tucked away somewhere in the future, and that’s fine by you, thankyouverymuch. No need to start thinking about ’em (and sweating ’em) now.

Still… we saw this Tuck student’s advice for preparing for case studies (the infamous teaching method at a handful of b-schools) over on Tuck’s admissions blog and we just couldn’t resist sharing it with you. One, because it’s so simple (read: just be prepared) and two, because his map of “seats not to sit in if you don’t want to get cold-called” is pretty spot on, if not at all scientific.

If you’re targeting programs, or heading to programs, that feature the Case Method, this is worth a read. And if you’re not, well, it’s still worth a read (followed by a deep sigh of relief).