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Walter: Let the MBA Reapplication Begin!

May 27, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

walterJust after a short nap following a long day of meeting with clients and driving for over 200 miles, I feel refreshed and ready to commit to my MBA application process. It’s hard at times to gather energy because of long hours at work, but I am totally determined to make into a top b-school this year.

One great thing now is that there’s an expert I can talk to for any queries – Eric – my consultant. His background is impressive – graduated from HBS eight years back, and it’s truly a privilege to be chosen to work with him.

As 8:30pm approaches, I can’t wait to get on the call with him (I really like his flexibility). But before I go into specifics, let me tell you a bit about my situation. I am a re-applicant and this makes the situation tougher. I applied in Round 2 to some of the top b-schools last year, and it’s a concern to show improvement in such a short time to be able to write a re-applicant essay.

On the other side, I think I am happy as well to be a re-applicant since I feel there were aspects of my profile that I could have demonstrated better last time around, and that’s what I discussed during my first call with Eric.

I felt during our conversation that not only Eric possesses an in-depth knowledge on admission topics, but I also found him to be a great listener (I spoke for about 80% or may be more for entire 55 minutes of our call!) Yes, this is too much, but I think for the first few calls, the agenda is to let Eric know about my background in detail from a personal and a professional standpoint. I feel there were aspects uncovered in my past application and this re-application journey will be opportunity to not only improve my application, but also help me learn more about myself. I think knowing about my strengths and weaknesses will help me in the long run – even in my career choices – since getting into b-school is not an end in itself, but it’s an entry to a great learning experience and career.

However, I know I need to focus right now on getting on the best school I can, and my entire energy must be dedicated towards this goal. So, I am excited and looking forward to my next call. Until then, good bye and good luck with your apps!

Walter will be sharing his (re-)application journey from start to acceptance. Follow along riiiight here.