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Meet Our Bloggers: Walter, The IT Guy

May 17, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

walterAt long last, we bring to you our third and final 2014 MBA Application blogger: Walter Melon. [Is that his real name? We’ll never know.]

Age: 24

Nationality: Indian

Field: Electronics Engineer

Admissionado Consultant: Eric

What do you want to study in bschool? What areas interest you most?
Strategy, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare

Pretend I’m the adcom. Yup, that’s me sitting at that giant mahogany table, reading your essays by candlelight. Why are you getting an MBA? Why do you want/need one?
Through my MBA, besides achieving my short-term goal, I wish to connect with wonderful classmates, learn from world-class professors and find like-minded people to brainstorm my random ideas. At present, when my clients talk about their next product launch, I am able to help them in system level design, however I wish to be a person who is well-rounded, who thinks not just about $$, but the bigger business picture.

What are your biggest fears for the MBA application process? What challenges do you think you’re going to face?
First and foremost, it’s the highly competitive pool of Indian candidates. Second, an average GMAT score (720). Third, lack of extra-curricular activities post undergrad (due to an extensive travel schedule at work).

What are you most excited for on this journey?
I am very happy to have an expert go along with me in this long journey. Through this process, I am also excited to know more about myself.

What are your post MBA goals? Both in the short and long-term?
Post MBA – either strategy consulting (MBB) for some years, then a tech firm (such as Intel, Google, Medtronics, Philips) in a leadership position (Product Management, preferably). Or directly launch into such kind of role.

My long-term goal is to run my own tech company focused on improving healthcare in developing countries.

What is your biggest weakness?
I tend to get over-excited at times.

Sweet. Now, what’s your greatest STRENGTH?
My focus and ability to work hard once my goal is set.

What does your PERFECT day look like? Like, if you could do aaaanything in a 24-hour period without consequences, what would it be? 
I will take half the wealth of world’s top billionaires and use it for underdeveloped nations.

List your all-time favorite website to waste time on during the work day:
LinkedIn, Beat the GMAT

What’s your best tactic for handling stress?
Face the underlying reason behind stress. If it’s not under my influence, I try to laugh it off, since worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum.

Who’s your business hero? Who do you look up to? And why?
Chris Gardner for his courage, determination and winning attitude towards life.

So far, what has been the best resource for you for MBA-related info?


You can follow Walter (and Eric!) as they make their way through the MBA Admissions process right here. Like Michelle and Axolotl, he’ll be posting every two weeks, so keep checking back.