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Walter: Attacking the HBS Essay

September 04, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

walterLess than a month now to HBS deadline! Can’t believe how time passed by so quickly. Another school I am targeting in HBS’s neighborhood also has a deadline around the same date. Although I’ve been thinking and working on applications for over a couple of months now, I must gear up now and start devoting more time to submit quality applications that represent my experiences and personality in best possible light to the adcom.*

At present, I’ve been able to create the first draft of my HBS essay. I’m soon going to send it to Eric for his comments. I feel so glad to get an expert’s help in verifying my approach, especially for such a non-traditional application essay. I can’t wait for his much-valuable comments and insights.

Guys, I’ll have to keep this one short, but before I finish.. one more thing! Check out Admissionado’s MIT Sloan and HBS essay analysis. Honestly, the essay analysis done by these brilliant guys is just so unique. The points given in the analysis were very helpful in thinking about my answers in a structured way. I definitely want you guys to check it out for yourself.

I’ll be back soon…hopefully much further along with my HBS essay!

*[Tip from Eric: “Never rush your applications just to get them in. Give them the time they need. It’s better to submit an A+ application in Round 2, than a B- application in Round 1.”]


Walter’s your “typical” (in the eyes of the adcom) Indian IT male, fighting his way to HBS. He’s sharing his (re-)application journey and lessons he’s learning from start to finish for 2014. Follow along riiiight here.