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Michelle: Confessions from Being a Round 1 Applicant

November 25, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

Blogger MichelleNow that I’ve wrapped up my Round 1 applications, this will be my last official post. (Tragic, I know). When I decided to enter the Admissionado Blogger Contest, I had no idea having my own blog would be so much fun. Alas, my application journey is coming to an end; I put my best foot forward, and the rest is now out of my control. If I were a more tree-hugging/introspective type of person, I would probably find this incredibly liberating. Instead, however, I’m kind of OCD and hate surprises, and I really wish I could keep controlling it all. Anyway, I’m in waiting mode, hoping for my golden ticket.

Before I leave, I have to thank the entire Admissionado team, with a special thanks to my consultant, Mark, who delivered some tough love, but made me feel confident that my submissions represented my best self. And Lauren, who’s been beyond awesome, and who gave me a forum for all of my restless energy, which included writing about everything from Mean Girls to ranting about the GMAT.

Now, I’ll leave you all with my top 3 confessions from being a Round 1 applicant:

  1. I’ve decided that being “nontraditional” is actually pretty cool.
  2. Before I began studying, I scored in the 500s on my first practice test. I eventually scored 730 on the official exam. If you’re currently struggling with the GMAT, stay motivated and know that persistence pays off.
  3. Despite how much I complain about the stress of the whole b-school app process, I did get a tiny bit of enjoyment out of it – including getting to learn more about top programs, meeting some freaking amazing people, and feeling a sense of accomplishment when I pressed “Submit” on my last app.

Well folks, it’s been real. I’ll pop in again sometime and update you all on my progress.

Peace, love, and acceptance-dreams,

Michelle’s off to wait for some results… and do amazing things with her life and career, no doubt. If you wanna catch up on her entire journey, well, get to it