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MBA News You Can Use: The Keys to Success in Round 2

December 17, 2011 :: Admissionado Team

Between Round 1 invites and Round 2 deadlines, things are getting’ crazy. When you’re not willing the phone to ring to get good news on your Round 1 apps, you’re huddled over your computer trying to figure out what on earth to write about for Round 2. And with only 3 weeks left to go, that’s… a lot. [Anyone else out there living solely on candy bars and coffee?]

There are so many things to think about: How do you choose the right school? Or rock the GMAT the 2nd time around? Or kill it in your admissions interview? Or write the best damn admissions essay that you can?

First, drink a lot of coffee.
Then, get all the answers right here:

GMAT Grammar Cheat SheetYou think you’ve got a handle on grammar… but do you? Is that your final answer?

10 GMAT Verbal Tips for Non-Native Speakers
And really, this stuff goes farrr beyond the GMAT test.

Rooting out Plagiarism in MBA Admissions Essays
Sad but true, plagiarism is on the rise in MBA admissions essays. And schools are finally fighting back.

What to do at the End of an Interview
The interview isn’t over until you’ve shaken hands, said your goodbyes and did a little dance in the elevator. Yup, until those elevator doors have shut behind you, you’re still in it. And the interviewer is still…erm…interviewing. You’ve got to make sure you’re making the most of every last minute. And here’s how to do just that.

Choosing the Right Business School
Seems simple enough, right? WRONG. When it comes to choosing your b-school, there’s a lot for you to think about: culture, employment rates, size, extracurriculars, money, etc. Take advantage of this expert advice and a free personalized b-school scorecard to make sure you invest in the school that fits you best.

So, you got waitlisted…
All hope is not lost. There are still plenty of things YOU can do to get OFF the waitlist and INTO that b-school come September. You just need a little help… and we’ll give it to  ya for 10% off. Email info@admissionado.com to find out more!