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MBA News You Can Use: It’s a Good Time to Have an MBA

December 24, 2011 :: Admissionado Team

Happy Holidays, folks! Yeah, hard to believe the holiday season is already here. And it’s hard to enjoy it slaving at the computer until the wee hours of the night while your friends and family sleep in, eat lots of cookies, and then sleep some more.

But while it doesn’t seem like it right now, it will aaaaall be worth it in the end.

So give yourself a break, kick back with some holiday treats and brush up on the latest MBA news, advice and updates.

B-schools push for more international students.

B-schools are always boasting about diversity, so it’s no surprise many of them are recruiting globally in an effort to increase…er…diversity. And that’s great news for our international friends! Even better, though, is they’re also trying to balance students from diverse parts of the world by recruiting more from underrepresented areas. Where do you have the best shot? Find out…

Overcoming Writer’s Block: A Guide

Look, you’ve got 2 weeks and 5 apps. There’s no time to waste, and especially no time to let writer’s block slow you down. Here are a few tried and true tips and tricks to beat the block and get those essays done… before it’s too late!

How to Choose the Right B-school for You.

So, you got into 3 MBA programs and you’re not sure where to go? That’s what we at Admissionado call “a good problem to have.” But seriously, where should you go? And how do you choose? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

More Companies Look to Hire MBAs in 2012.

Can we get a ‘woohoo’?!

Get your MBA… Online?

You want something? Shoes? Music? A pillow that looks like your brother? Yeah, you can get it online. And now, you can get your MBA online, too. But is that….real? And will it take you as far in the future as a full-time (in-person) program?

When it Comes to B-school, it’s all About the Professors.

What makes a b-school great? Is it the student groups? The campus culture? The academics? The people? Well, for one Tuck MBA, it’s all about the professors.