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MBA News You Can Use: B-School Doesn’t Teach You Everything

October 15, 2011 :: Admissionado Team

The world of graduate schools, employment, and opportunity is constantly changing, which is why it’s even more important for applicants and students alike to be on top of all the latest news. We know you’re busy, so we’ve compiled a list of all the biggest and most relevant stories in the MBA world this week to keep you informed and a few steps ahead of the competition.

The 5 Things in Business College Can’t Teach You
A fancy (and pricey!) b-school degree and all that hard work will definitely pay off in your future career, but there are some essential aspects of business that you will never learn in a classroom.

55 Ways Young Entrepreneurs Can Cut Expenses
In this tough economy, Under 30 CEO offers 55 unique, easy, and (mostly) free ways to beat the system and cut basic business expenses. The list covers everything from blogging, to cloud software, to insurance plans.

The Top 30 MBA Programs in the World
Who does The Economist have at the top of their infamous list this year?  Where do your target schools rank? How much will your degree be worth?

College Students making Mark in Mobile Apps
Undergraduates, grad students, and young professionals have created thousands of jobs/income opportunities, and helped to put millions of dollars back into the economy by creating and developing mobile apps – an industry in which they have absolutely no competition from the baby boomers. Who said the Millennials are lazy?

Business Schools must be Wary of Short-Term Myopia
As business continues to be the most popular graduate program in the country, b-schools need to start teaching not only the ways of business, but the ways of the delicate free market, risky budgets, and the effects of the tough economy. Agree or disagree?

International MBA Applicants have Unique Issues
Unlike American applicants who worry about GMAT scores and financial aid, international students have a whoooole different set of questions and concerns about the US b-school system. So…what are they contending with?

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