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Get the Most Out of Your Results

June 30, 2010 :: Admissionado Team

Assuming you’re all caught up on your Jamie Oliver and Bobby Flay and Jacques Pepin shows, you’ll know that lemon flavor partly comes from the juice… but the REAL flavor comes from the ZEST.

Well, we see it all the time. You guys talk about your work accomplishments, but you’re still only squeezing the lemon for its juice. Time to whip out the ol microplane and rip into the zest.

You guys are amazing. The things you have done… led multi-million dollar projects, motivated large groups of people to finish projects… etc. Yet, when it comes to stating what you did in your essays… you get shy like Clark Kent.

“After 12 months of hard work we finished the project successfully.”

What does that mean to finish successfully?

“After 12 months of hard work, we launched the new product in over 100 stores.”

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. These are results that we can understand. And you know what? That seems like a lot of stores. So, not bad.

“After 12 months of hard work, we launched the new product in over 100 stores, bringing in $3 Million annually.”

Aha! Now we’ve added another metric. Because 100 stores, although a nice sounding statistic, is still a bit relative based on your industry. But talking dollars and cents can make your accomplishment impressive across the board!

Keep scraping those lemons, get some of that zest into your descriptions.