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BSchool News: Summer School at IESE and More

July 12, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

It may be the summer, but things are always busy in the bschool world.  Interested in summer school opportunities?  Worried about that interview?  Or the new HBS post-interview question?  We’ve got some great links for you…

IESE Opens New Summer School MBA Prep Program

This summer, IESE is trying out something new: a one-week intensive MBA intro program for new undergrads.  Hosted by some of IESE’s best staff, they’re looking to give these MBA hopefuls  a first-hand taste of the bschool experience.  If you’re looking into European MBA programs, check this out.

Four Terrible BSchool Interviews

There are good interviews, there are not-so-good interviews, and there are HORRIBLE interviews.  Bloomberg gathered stories from Stern, Tuck, and Fuqua to let you know just what NOT to do in your bschool interview.  Give these a read and pay attention to this great feedback directly from adcoms.

HBS Admits Record Number of Women

50 years after they started accepting women, HBS tallied a record number of women this fall for admission.  Other important admissions figures have swung, too, like the range of GMAT scores and the percentage of candidates admitted.  Could be good news for you HBS hopefuls out there.

The Ross Adcom Has Summer Plans

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that the adcom gets to take it easy.  It’s conferences, seminars, recruiting events, and coming up with essay and recommendation questions from spring to fall!  They still manage to have fun while networking and building their great program.

HBS Director Offers Some Insight Into Post-Interview Reflection

It’s not an essay, they can’t stress this enough.  It’s an e-mail.  This means that they want to see your real-time response in the “business world,” the kinds of turnaround you’ll get in the workplace.  Just remember, this is just as much an opportunity for you to show them your qualities as it is for them to get honest feedback about their interview process.