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BSchool News: The Scoop on Specialty MBAs and More

August 02, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

This week, the news is all about knowing your audience. Bschools are creating programs to appeal to different interests and specialties. MBAs are learning more about schools and industries to find new ways into the market. Keep on top of the latest trends and you’ll be set for your MBA and beyond.

How To Market Yourself in MBA Apps

It’s all about branding yourself here. Understand what the school is looking for, and then offer them something more.

The Appeal of Retail to MBAs

Creative entrepreneurship, and the potential to make BIG money.

Specialty MBAs On The Rise

The programs are shorter and cost less, but they’re no replacements for traditional MBAs. Specialty degrees are for specialty positions, but for straight-up business management, the MBA is still the way to go.

Tips For Closing Summer Internships

The benefits of your internships don’t end on the last day on the job. Networking, networking, networking.