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BSchool News: Harvard, Haas, and More

September 06, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

business school news, bschool bulletins, business school bulletins

So, how much can you do with an MBA? Is an MBA really “worth it?” It’s one of the eternal questions bschool peeps ask themselves… usually around 2AM while cramming on a big project. Well, folks, the answer is a big, resounding YEP. What can you do with an MBA? Oh, try to fix a country’s economy.

What else is in the news? Tips for budding entrepreneurs, a new program at Haas, and the slow death of MBA school newspapers.

Entrepreneurship and Self-Awareness

Sometimes thinking “outside of the box” means getting out of your own head.

Can a Harvard MBA Fix India’s Economy?

An extreme but pretty cool example of where a Harvard MBA can get you in the job market…

Haas Launches New Innovation-Focused EMBA Program

Berkeley is expanding their program, but let’s be honest… ALL MBA programs dig innovation.

MBA Student Newspapers Going Extinct

Yeah, along with the rest of print media.