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BSchool News: China’s Booming RE Market and MBA App Tips

July 26, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

“A.B.C. Always. Be. Closing.”

Real estate’s always been the place for competitive MBA grads, and it looks like China is the place to be in the coming months. If Management is more your thing, schools are focusing on beefing up your PR cred. We’ve also got some social media and app essay tips for you, so check ’em out…

MBA Programs Don’t Connect Social Media Dots

Plenty of bschool programs are on Twitter and Facebook (and you should be following them…), but it looks like that’s not making a huge difference to admissions offices. With over half of the schools out there not tracking their social media subscriptions, TONS of MBA applicants might be trying to impress adcoms that aren’t paying attention.

China May Be Ready to Embrace Its Real Estate Boom

After a record-setting Beijing real estate deal this month, industry experts think that China might be on its way to a real estate boom. Combined with a big increase in housing sales, Chinese MBA students looking at real estate for their career plans could be in for some serious job opportunities post-graduation. Re-thinking those career goals?

Bschools Offering PR Tips to Future CEOs

In light of some recent public relations nightmares in the corporate world (uh oh), Tuck, Kellogg, and three other programs are offering classes to their MBA students that focus on brand-building and social responsibility. Can it be taught? We’ll have to wait and see.

Consider Your Audience In Your BSchool App

The same rules apply whether you’re pitching a prospective client or an adcom—it’s all about knowing the crowd. Find your fit into the program, focus on your past business successes and future business plans, and remember, these folks want to see success, so give them somebody successful in your app.

Bschool Admin Salaries Rising

As they should, considering how much YOU’RE forking over to attend their programs….