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Class of 2020 Early Admission Results from College Kickstart

March 09, 2016 :: Admissionado

Class of 2020 Early Admission Results

This post was originally published on the College Kickstart blog.

Since December, there has been a steady beat of early admissions results rolling out of colleges. The sigh of relief coupled with shouts of joy can shatter eardrums miles away when a senior is accepted to their top choice schools via early decisions.

On that note, we’d like to share the early admission results from these 33 institutions: Boston College, Bowdoin, Brown, Colorado College, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Davidson, Dickinson, Duke, George Washington University, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Harvey Mudd, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Middlebury, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Pitzer, Pomona, Princeton, Stanford, Tufts, University of Georgia, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Williams and Yale.

Some Early Admissions Context for Juniors

We’ll let you in on a big secret: early admission. Did you know that early admission can help skew odds in your favor by simply applying 45-60 days early?

At College Kickstart, we track early admission statistics and find early admission opportunities that are appropriate for you.

The concept of early admission is simple: you apply early, you hear back early. Not all schools offer early admission, but those that do will typically offer some combination of the following three options:

  • Early Decision (ED), which is binding if you’re accepted
  • Early Action (EA), which is non-binding
  • Restrictive Early Action (REA) is identical to early action, but with added restrictions on where else you can apply. Some institutions call this Single Choice Early Action.

Colleges love early decision, because it’s binding, but from your vantage point it only makes sense if you’re certain the school is for you. In contrast, early action nearly always works to your advantage because there’s no obligation to attend. Either way, the key insight is that schools typically admit early applicants at a higher rate than those applying regular decision.


Every year, colleges compete to attract talented students to their respective institutions. So when a talented applicant demonstrates interest by applying earlier than normal (early action), or commits to attending if accepted (early decision), it’s only natural for colleges to admit from these pools of applicants at a higher rate than those applying regular decision.

How much higher depends on the institution, but as you can see from the table below, it’s too big to ignore.

Class of 2019 Admission Rates
Source: College Kickstart LLC

School Category Early Decision
Admit Rate
Early Action
Admit Rate
Admit Rate
Top 20 Liberal Arts Colleges 37% Not offered 18%
Ivy League 23% 17% 7%
Top 20 Non-IvyUniversities 31% 32% 18%


So be sure to pay attention to early admission opportunities as you finalize your list. If you’re a competitive applicant, it can be a terrific way to skew odds more in your favor.

Class of 2020 Early Admission Results

College Kickstart LLC

Institution (Plan) Applied Admitted Rate Link
Boston College (REA) 8,600 2,700 31% Link
Bowdoin (ED1) 614 207 34% Link
Brown (ED) 3,030 669 22% Link
Columbia (ED) 3,520 Link
Cornell (ED) 4,882 1,337 27% Link
Dartmouth (ED) 1,927 494 26% Link
Davidson (ED1) 458 207 45% Link
Dickinson (ED1) 251 220 88% Link
Duke (ED) 3,455 813 24% Link
George Washington (ED) 1,373 841 61% Link
Georgetown (REA) 7,027 892 13% Link
Georgia Tech (EA) 14,861 4,424 30% Link
Harvard (SCEA) 6,173 918 15% Link
Harvey Mudd (ED) 464 77 17% Link
Johns Hopkins (ED) 1,929 584 30% Link
Middlebury (ED) 954 398 42% Link
MIT (EA) 7,767 656 8% Link
Northwestern (ED) 3,022 1,061 35% Link
Pitzer (ED) 423 117 28% Link
Pomona (ED) 914 177 19% Link
Princeton (SCEA) 4,229 767 18% Link
Stanford (REA) 7,822 745 10% Link
Tufts (ED) 2,070 663 32% Link
University of Georgia (EA) 14,516 7,500 52% Link
UNC – Chapel Hill (EA) 19,682 6,948 35% Link
Notre Dame (REA) 5,321 1,610 30% Link
UPenn (ED) 5,762 1,335 23% Link
Virginia (EA) 16,768 5,203 31% Link
Vanderbilt (ED) 3,400 800 24% Link
Williams (ED) 585 246 42% Link
Yale (SCEA) 4,662 795 17% Link


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