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Episode 12 – Financial Aid

November 04, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

Episode 12 – Financial Aid

For many students, the application for financial aid is just as valuable as the regular application. Yet, the financial aid process is a dense jungle of serious-looking documents and confusing acronyms. What the heck’s a FAFSA? What’s the difference between grants, loans, and work study? Listen up as Cleo and Stephen wield their verbal machetes, clearing a path through the metaphorical thicket so that you can finally make sense of the complex financial aid world.

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The League of Extraordinary Applicants Overview

In today’s ridiculously competitive landscape, college-bound hopefuls are endlessly seeking sage guidance with their applications. “Where do I apply?” “How can I write a memorable essay?” “Who can I turn to for advice?!?!” Turn up your speakers, and tune in to the wise words of Cleo and Stephen, our resident admissions experts. Their shared knowledge and experience will guide you through the process from start to finish, helping transform your applications from ordinary to extraordinary.

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