College News: Finding the Right School For You and More

There’s big questions out there for the college crowd: “What’s the best school for me?” “How do I afford college and all this other new stuff I need?” “What do I study?” The news is BUZZING with answers…

Finding the Best College for You

Just remember, get into the best school you can. Let’s repeat that because it’s important. Get into the best school you can.

Three Steps for International Students to Save for College

The key here is that you’ve GOTTA reach out for help. Coordinate with your family. Talk to your school’s international student affairs and admissions offices. Ask about special financing possibilities. Just keep on top of it, because this is BIG.

Agriculture Degrees in Higher Demand

Lots of students are looking at “non-traditional” fields to increase their chances of getting jobs after graduation. So, if farming sounds right for you…

Paying Attention in Your College Classroom

Stay awake. Face forward. Don’t text.