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College News: Common College App Mistakes and More

October 11, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

Errors. Missteps. Boo-boos. Oopsies. In other words, mistakes. We all make them, but sometimes a mistake can have a HUGE impact on the rest of your life. When it comes to getting into college, a small mistake can tumble into a big problem, so do everything you can to avoid them. Money to colleges is decreasing and international student interest is on the rise, so you’ve GOT to keep on your game…

How Students and Parents Can Prepare for College Apps

Organize, brainstorm, and research. It’s time-consuming, but VERY worth it.

University Endowments are Down

Uh-oh, what does this mean for you guys? Fewer resources? Closed facilities?

Applying to College? Ten Mistakes to Avoid

Time management is the name of the game. Procrastination is the enemy.

Colleges Encourage More International Student Engagement

It benefits domestic students, international students, and the college as a whole, so why not?