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Admissionado in USA Today: Outstanding October College Advice

November 05, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

Here’s this past month’s round-up of Admissionado’s USA TODAY articles written by Admissionado Supervising Editor Katherine Kendig. This month’s edition has some great nuggets of college advice about prepping for your applications and interviews.

Check ’em out:

How to Use the Do-Re-Mi Approach to College Applications

College applications are tedious, time consuming and, for most students, terrifying. Applying to college reduces confident high school seniors on top of the world to quivering wrecks who can’t be certain that they’ve spelled their own name right until they’ve checked it over fifteen times and twitch when they hear the word “deadline.” (Published on October 4th, 2013.)

Tips for Taking the Awkward Out of College Interviews

Your college interview may not take place in a windowless room with one hard-backed chair and a glaring spotlight, but it can feel like an interrogation if you go in unprepared. Sitting down in a busy coffee shop to converse with an adult you’ve never met can be a (relatively) great time — but only if you manage to avoid the pitfalls of awkwardness that will spring up at you from every side. (Published on October 11th, 2013.)

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