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10 Things NOT To Do If You Get Rejected From Your Dream School

December 16, 2019 :: Admissionado Team

In case you were wondering what not to do if you get rejected from your dream school…

The NYU Admissions Office has been flooded with tearful phone calls, confrontations, and verbal assaults. Rejected high school students, their parents, even their adorable younger siblings, are demanding explanations as to why they didn’t get in. Or why their friend who is not as smart as them did.

What else is a bad idea? Here’s a list of 10 things not to do if you get rejected from you dream school:

  1. Drop out of high school, learn how to tight-rope walk, and join the circus
  2. Have a bonfire in your backyard to get rid of all the college paraphernalia you prematurely bought
  3. Un-facebook-friend all the people you know who got accepted to your dream school
  4. Get a tattoo of the college’s mascot on your back, drive to the school, and demand to see the admissions officer to prove your dedication
  5. Travel to the Himalayas and become a cave-dwelling hermit
  6. Sneak into the college library and steal one book a day until all the books are gone, then hold the books hostage until the college admits you
  7. Memorize the college fight song and sing it to yourself every night as you cry yourself to sleep
  8. Buy a baby-size t-shirt with the college’s name on it, force your cat to wear it, and have imaginary conversations with him about what a bummer 8am freshman comp class is
  9. Make a dart board with the dean of admissions’ photo in the center
  10. Let two chickens loose on campus, thus sending the message that they were just “too chicken” to admit you

Just remember, if you DO get rejected, don’t lose hope. Getting rejected is part of the process and it doesn’t mean good news isn’t coming your way. Just keep your chin up (and steer clear of the law!) and you’ll be fine.

Or you could always write a Wall Street Journal OP-Ed and become famous overnight. Right?


By Emily Herzlin, Admissionado Senior Editor

(Image source here.)