Sach Orenstein

The senior editor at Passion of the Weiss, a highly influential music-industry blog, Sach is a true renaissance man whose pen can lift a rising band just as easily as a promising MBA.

Having recently completed his M.A in Film Studies at Concordia University in Montreal, he’s brought his keen sense of storytelling and trenchant analysis to Admissionado, helping clients discover their own special qualities that will make them so attractive to their dream schools. Working extensively in the fields of film and media both in creative capacities and as a rising academic, he’s traveled extensively around the world, spending considerable time in Europe, China and South-East Asia. Fun loving but hard working (he’s secretly a DJ!) – Sach’s guidance and advice have helped clients worldwide tap into their hidden talents making him Admissionado’s own Mr. Myagi – except you won’t have to wax his car.