Rose Ngo

Rose is hands down the friendliest person at Admissionado. (And we've got Claudia Nelson!)

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Lewis & Clark College and her Master’s degree in Psychological and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Cambridge (St. Johns), but despite six years of studying Psychology, she still has a difficult time analyzing humans and detecting sarcasm. She likes to think she has a hard exterior but really, she’s ultimately a teddy bear who is affectionate to everyone.

Rose's affection is so bounteous, she also finds time to help at a non-profit. In addition to living in Australia and Vietnam at different times of her life, she lived in England for two years and traveled all over Europe.

Depending on the day, you may find her kickboxing, enjoying wine on a rainy day (she lives in Portland after all), or laughing with friends.

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