Rafael Hines

Rafael was born in Manhattan and apart from two stints in Boston to attend Harvard he has remained true to his New York roots (despite lamenting the scarce tennis court time available in New York City).

After graduating from Harvard with a BA in History and secondary focus in Italian Studies, Rafael spent five years working in the retail industry, where he held increasingly senior positions at Ralph Lauren, Coach, and Michael Kors. After gaining exposure to buying, international expansion, and financial planning, Rafael decided to head back to Boston to attend HBS. After graduation, he went into investment banking, completing due diligence on leading companies in the consumer and retail industries. He recently left finance to transition back into an operational role in the consumer sector.

Outside of work, Rafael enjoys tennis and plays the violin. While his a cappella days are long behind him, he still dreams of becoming a pop star.

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Why did you go for an MBA?

I decided to get an MBA because I wanted to better understand the financial side of the retail industry. I worked at Michael Kors when the company went public, and was fascinated by the impact public market investors had on the daily stock price as well as the future strategy of the company. While at HBS, the courses in finance and strategy provided me with the skills I hoped to accrue, and allowed me to transition into investment banking, where I worked in a group analyzing companies in the consumer and retail sectors. The role was a great opportunity to look at the industry I am passionate about from a different vantage point, and exposed me to consumer companies I never even knew existed. This career re-positioning would not have been possible without an MBA and the experience I had at HBS.

What's your all-time favorite memory from business school?

My favorite memory from business school was traveling to Peru for the HBS course FIELD (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development) during my first year. A group of us worked with a leading Peruvian bank to develop a new marketing strategy aimed at attracting millennial-age customers. After ten days of intense work, we then traveled to Cusco and climbed Machu Picchu,reaching the top just as the sun rose.

What do you like most about admissions consulting?

I love the opportunity to meet new people and help refine their personal narrative. Everyone has achieved spectacular things in their lifetime, and getting to know them well enough to help articulate these achievements is an incredibly rewarding experience.Plus, business school will always be two of the best years of my life,so if I can help others make that experience a reality, it is an absolute pleasure to do so.