Lisa Pearo

A lifelong learner, Lisa Klein Pearo has been either attending or working at a university for the past 30 years.

After earning her Bachelors in Economics from Yale, where she was named valedictorian for the Social Sciences, Lisa suspected academia might be her true calling. She made a couple of stops along the way to gather some experience in management consulting, direct marketing, e-commerce, and publishing, but the lure of university life eventually brought her to Harvard Business School. Lisa earned her MBA as a Baker Scholar, then returned a few years later for her DBA in Marketing.

After graduating with her doctorate, Lisa embarked on an academic career that included teaching, mentorship, research and eventually university leadership positions. Her experience spans Rice University, Cornell University, Tulane University, Butler University, Boston University and the University of Maryland, among others.

Lisa now resides in Boston where she works as an alumni advisor for Harvard Business School iLab start-ups. She also serves as co-chair of the Boston region for Circles, the new HBS Women’s Alumni organization. On weekends, she enjoys glamping in a lux RV, which has taken her through mountains and coastal towns up and down the East Coast.

Lisa is passionate about helping students identify schools where they can fulfill their ambitions. Her involvement with a number of highly ranked MBA programs has given her a wealth knowledge about the nation’s top business schools, and she enjoys sharing these insights to help students plan the next step in their careers.

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