Lia Lenart

Lia earned her B.A. from Harvard in Social Studies, an interdisciplinary honors major, with a minor in English. As an undergrad, she served as a peer counselor, helping students who called or dropped in to talk through difficult experiences and referring them to appropriate campus resources. This experience helping high-performing students navigate Harvard inspired her interest in mentorship, and her desire to make the college experience a little easier.

Lia is passionate about storytelling in all forms, and especially loves stories that challenge stereotypes and avoid simple conclusions. For her thesis, Lia analyzed the use of second wave feminist theory in Dove brand’s marketing “Campaign for Real Beauty.” She then went on to receive her M.F.A. from UCLA’s TFT film department.

In her spare time, Lia reads widely. She spent most of her early post-college years living and traveling abroad. These days, she enjoys starting her morning by sipping tea on the front porch.

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