Kirill Osipenko

Kirill is a picture-perfect professional… so much so that he even made a guest appearance on a local version of “The Apprentice” to brief the contestants on a business task.

A veteran product manager based in New York, Kirill leads teams of engineers to build enterprise software. As much as he enjoys spending weekends with his friends in the city, if it’s winter time you’ll often find him hitting the slopes somewhere in Colorado!

During his first years out of college, Kirill explored a variety of roles: product marketing at a large cellular operator, digital advertising at Sony Pictures, and management consulting at Accenture. While getting his MBA at Chicago Booth, Kirill became interested in financial services, which led him to accept an offer from Credit Suisse and move to Zurich. He later returned to Chicago and started working on his technology start-up, reviving a talent marketplace idea which he and his partner once pitched in a business school competition.

Since then, Kirill has been pursuing a career in product management. He truly loves working with software engineers to solve complex problems for business. Kirill admits it took him a few years of soul-searching to discover his career passion, and his advice to people in their 20s is to try different paths: “You’ll be crippled by second-guessing if you don’t!” Alongside this career exploration, Kirill somehow managed to travel to almost 40 countries.

Kirill is well known among his friends and coworkers as the go-to person for mentorship and career counseling. He offers his expertise in MBA admissions and 10+ years in the technology industry, helping Admissionado clients prepare for the careers they always dreamed of!

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