Karen Doster

Only a handful of Karen’s Kellogg classmates routinely wore shorts to work prior to their MBA. Karen, immersed deep in the startup world, was lucky enough to be one of them.

Karen graduated from Dartmouth College with a bachelors in Government, then dove straight into marketing research in Washington, DC. After a few years advising Fortune 500 clients on a range of strategic messaging challenges, she left to become the fourth employee of a startup called Cove. She loved the fast, casual environment and the service: a sweet network of co-working spaces in DC and Boston. However, when the CEO/Founder asked her to put together a detailed budget for all locations, she knew it was time to head back to school and brush up on her business skills. 

At Kellogg, Karen held leadership positions the Kellogg Admissions Committee, Net Impact, and Cork & Screw, a club for wine enthusiasts. She fully immersed herself in Chicago's entrepreneurial ecosystem through internships with a Chicago VC firm and Exelon's corporate innovation team. 

In her spare time, she enjoys the latest celebrity gossip, testing new vegan recipes, and pretending to train for half marathons.

As someone with a somewhat non-traditional background, Karen loves working with applicants who need some help standing out from the crowd. 

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